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Dongyang Longze magnetoelectric Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It is a professional manufacturer that produces all kinds of radial oriented permanent ferrite rotor magnets in batches in China. Its products are widely used in aquarium port water pump, filter, filter barrel outside the cylinder, garden fountain motor, washing machine water pump, etc.

Longze magnetoelectric company has been adhering to the tenet of "quality flow, reputation first", committed to scientific and technological innovation, improve product quality. Since 1999, the company has become the main supplier of major aquatic products companies and washing machine and water pump manufacturers at home and abroad.

The company has the ability to produce all kinds of radial oriented permanent ferrite rotor magnets (monthly output of more than 3 million magnets and 2 million injection molded parts of different magnets). The existing product specifications are from 8mm x 8mm - 30mmx60mm, etc., and we can develop molds according to customer requirements or drawings provided by users, and produce various specifications of rotor magnets.

The company implements a 24-hour hotline service system, and arranges production and delivery at any time according to customer requirements.

Longze magnetoelectric is devoted to creation and enthusiastic service, which is a part of your life. Longze magnetoelectric Co., Ltd. will make progress with you and create a bright future together!